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«Teryan Cultural Center» non-governmental organization (NGO) was founded in 2004. The center deals with the preservation, transmission and popularization of intangible cultural heritage. It includes cultural, literary, educational and national protection activities. Contributes to the implementation of creative projects and events.

«Teryan Cultural Center» today has a modernized ethno-clothing and accessories production organization, which is engaged not only in their creation, but also is a unique educational platform where everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality and social status, can acquire traditional crafts and folk handicraft skills, new professional knowledge.

The cultural center presents a unique and highly valuable initiative for the restoration, modernization, application and dissemination of traditional culture, folk handicrafts. The head of the center, Lilit Melikyan, and the creative staff were able not only to restore the complexes of the Armenian national costume and return it to the field of application, but also to create a new school of modern clothing modeling with ethnic elements, which today has become a separate design direction and has many followers.

Teryan Cultural Center


72 Teryan St., Yerevan 0009, Armenia

Phone Number

+374 10 587 242

Business Hours

Mon. — Fri. — 10։00 — 19:00

Sat. — 11։00 — 18:00

Sun. — Closed.

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Teryan Cultural Center